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Please use the form below to contact NAV. Individual Specification Manager Details have also been provided below.


To contact us, please fill in the form below. A representative from NAV will get back to you shortly. Please ensure you include as much information as possible in the Message field so we can direct your query to the right NAV representative.

New Age Veneers Pty Ltd.
Unit 14, 22-24 Beaumont Road, MOUNT KURING-GAI NSW 2080
Phone: 02 9457 9622

Specification Managers

Please find below the contact information of the specificaiton managers for each state

National Sales Manager
Richard Viera
Phone: 0428 368 012
Email Richard

NSW Australia

NSW Trade Representative
Joe Timpano
Phone: 0487 004 244
Email Joe
NSW Specification Manager
Kevin Self
Phone: 0418 977 803
Email Kevin
NSW & ACT Specification Manager
Carla Grech
Phone: 0428 041 110
Email Carla

QLD Australia

Kendall White
Phone: 0407 002 511
Email Kendall

VIC Australia

VIC Trade Representative
Zac Wilson
Phone: 0498 558 299
Email Zac
VIC Specification Manager
Tom Boxell
Victorian & Tasmanian Specification Representative
Phone 0439 627 154
Email Tom

SA Australia

Zac Wilson
Phone: 0498 558 299
Email Zac

WA Australia

World Wide Timber Traders
Phone: (08) 9418 3222