Navlam Arcadian Oak – South Yarra Residence

by NAV

Oozing sophistication and class, this beautiful home in South Yarra, Melbourne shows Navlam at it’s finest. Floor to ceiling joiney with perfect detail and finishing. Cooking in here would be a pleasure.

The Navlam collection of reconstituted timber veneers combine the warmth and texture of solid timber, with the versatility of a laminate surface to create the ultimate, prefinished veneer. The range features a striking selection of design leading colours, woodgrain structures and surface textures.

As a reconstructed veneer, Navlam offers consistency in woodgrain structure and tone across each panel, creating the ideal surface for large or small installations. The veneer surface is finished with high quality 2-pac polyurethane and laid on a laminate back. This resilient surface is scratch and stain resistant; offering savings in fabrication costs and ease of installation.


South Yarra Residence
South Yarra Residence
South Yarra Residence