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Navurban Diamond Finish™ Range

NEWLY LAUNCHED 2020! Introducing our ground-breaking NAVURBAN Diamond Finish – a premium decorative surface with cutting-edge surface technology – making it as tough as it is beautiful. A product that revolutionises surface solutions for commercial and institutional interiors.

Beautiful enduring surfaces

Nothing compares to a diamond for aesthetic appeal combined with strength and durability. Inspired by this, New Age Veneers has created our newest and strongest range of premium decorative surfaces.

Our newly launched and aptly named NAVURBAN Diamond Finish range combines 10 new stylish decors with our revolutionary Diamond Finish surface technology.

The hardest wearing of all our premium decorative surfaces, NAVURBAN Diamond Finish opens up the world of surfaces to limitless applications. If you’re seeking versatility and durability for high-traffic spaces,shelving or horizontal applications with scratch-resistant properties, this newly launched range is your perfect solution.

Finally, the solution you’ve been seeking for horizontal surfaces as well as vertical surfaces

With incredible scratch resistant properties our revolutionary Diamond Finish ensures hard-working surfaces in high-traffic spaces retain their premium qualities without compromising on looks.

Now applications really are limited only by the imagination

Broaden your expectations, and start designing without limits. Our toughest range of surfaces are also our most flexible.

Purpose-built for hard-wearing commercial interiors, NAVURBAN Diamond Finish features our strongest scratch-resistant finishes. Providing you with the flexibility of contemporary design across a myriad of locations within any indoor space

High-traffic horizontal surface applications for interiors in hospitality, commercial, institutional, education and more can now be designed with beauty as well as durability. Purpose-built horizontal surfaces such as hotel luggage storage, gym change-rooms, university common tables, office boardrooms or aged-care facility dining areas can now feature 10 of our new stylish and on trend decors.
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Invest in the best premium decorative surface, and look beyond limits in your next design.

From offices and reception areas to hotels, restaurants, end of trip facilities or in the home, our newly launched NAVURBAN Diamond Finish can be applied to any interior horizontal or vertical surface, including furniture.

No longer constrained to vertical surfaces, expand your designs to include serveries, coffee tables, storage spaces, common rooms and dining areas.

Commercial and residential examples include (but are not limited to):

Finally, the solution you’ve been seeking for horizontal surfaces as well as vertical surfaces

NAVURBAN Diamond Finish extends the application to horizontal surfaces as well as vertical surfaces, in commercial offices, helping you design a space with contemporary styling that is both stylish and durable.

  • Reception areas:
  • Boardroom tables:
  • Workstations, desks and storage units:
  • End of trip facilities and rest rooms
Our toughest range is resistant to scratching and abrasions, making NAVURBAN Diamond Finish the outstanding choice for innovative hospitality design.

  • Lobbies and reception:
  • Bedheads and bedside tables:
  • Luggage storage areas:
  • Restaurants and Hospitality bar areas:
Education, Institutions and Organisations
From schools to libraries, aged care facilities to common council spaces, NAVURBAN Diamond Finish pushes the boundaries of horizontal applications, giving you the power to design with freedom.

  • Desks:
  • Storage solutions:
  • Bed heads and bedside tables
  • Wardrobes
  • Bedroom furniture
Merge our sturdiest finish with our most popular contemporary textures for the most resilient horizontal and vertical surfaces in creative retail spaces.

  • Merchandising displays:
  • Storage units:
  • Food courts:
  • Public areas:
NAVURBAN Diamond Finish is the revolutionary modern finish bring your innovative designs to life. With this new application for horizontal surfaces as well as vertical applications, design your contemporary home with confidence in functionality, durability and classic style.

  • Kitchen cabinetry and Breakfast servery tops:
  • Media units:
  • Book shelves:
  • Dining, bedside and coffee tables:
  • Bathroom vanities:
  • Home office desks and storage solutions:

Browse through our Gallery to see what’s possible with NAVURBAN Diamond Finish or contact the team at NAV for a free sample of this latest premium range.

Technical Information

Click to download any of the technical specifications sheets or technical information for our Navurban Diamond Finish™ Range

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