NAV (New Age Veneers) delivers premium surface products crafted from natural materials for commercial and residential projects.

Australian owned and operated since 1962, NAV is committed to innovating the way Australians design functional and beautiful spaces in the workplace and community, and in the home.

Owner and Director, Kevin Kelly, has always had a passion for natural timber veneers. Over the years, he has transitioned NAV’s products from the traditional methods of veneer manufacturing to technologically advanced, pre-finished, wood grain effect veneers.

Being environmentally responsible is a big deal to Kevin and his team. Raw, timber materials are ethically sourced from sustainably managed forests (and always have been).

NAV’s products are globally certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes™ (PEFC) and Global GreenTag™, and have achieved GreenStar® credits.

NAV’s expertise lies in engineering real timber into cutting-edge veneer products that offer durability, longevity, design flexibility and a wood grain detail that evokes a kinaesthetic experience.

Partnering with architects, interior designers and builders, NAV was founded on a premise of introducing the Australian building industry to technically advanced premium veneer surfaces.

A lot has changed since the 80s, but NAV’s mission – to be ahead of the curve in premium surface engineering and design – remains steadfast.

Today’s market is ever evolving and our ability to produce and offer realistic wood grain finishes to Australia’s architectural and interior design industry has driven me and the team at NAV to become a market leader in this area.

Kevin Kelly Company Director

New Age Veneers is proud to be an Australian owned company and made in Australia.