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Navcompact™ Range

Groundbreaking technology has led to the development of Navcompact™ available in six striking Navurban™ finishes

Navcompact™ is available in the following ranges

Navcompact™ is currently available in 6 sample blocks

Groundbreaking technology has led to the development of NavCompact™ – a unique fusion between premium 13mm compact laminate with revolutionary UV surface technologyImpervious to water and providing outstanding scratch resistance, NavCompact™ delivers unprecedented design possibilities for commercial applications, including End of Trip Facilities, toilet cubicles, lockers and more. 

Available in 6 Navurban™ finishes with a contemporary black core and delivered pre-finished in versatile 2455 x 1230mm sheets, NavCompact™ is set to take the Australian design scene by storm.


End-of-trip facilities are widely described as exclusive places that support people using non-motorised ways to travel to their destination of employment rather than driving or means of public transport.

They include secure bicycle racks, lockers and changing room facilities where cyclists, joggers and walkers can shower, change and secure their belongings in such areas.

Bicycle parking and personal belongings storage facilities should be easily accessible to all users and located within the building or on-site within 100 metres of a main entrance to the building.

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Universities
  • Hospitals

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