As a building material supplier, NAV takes its environmental responsibly very seriously.

NAV has achieved GreenTagCert™ certification for the NAVURBAN and NAVURBAN Diamond ranges which contribute to achieving Green Star Credits.

There is a growing global awareness of the impact building materials have on our environment. At NAV, we wholeheartedly welcome this growing awareness.

Kevin Kelly Company Director
NAV’s NAVURBAN™ product range is Global GreenTag certified (Level B4) under the following requirements:
  • Product toxicity
  • Legal compliance to Health & Safety, Environmental and Social requirements
  • Supply Chain (Health & Safety, Environmental and Social)
All environmental claims follow ISO14021: 2000 (environmental labels and declarations, and self-declared environmental claims)
  • Product demonstrates Fit for Purpose
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
NAV’s NAVURBAN™ range contributes to achieving the following GreenStar® credits:
  • IEQ: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Level B for Sustainable Products and Indoor Pollutants credit for Design and As Built v1 and Interiors v1 rating tools
  • Level B for Materials Calculators: Loose Furniture, Walls and Partitions, Joinery, Storage, Tables, Workstations.

Navurban – Global Greentag 2020

Navurban Diamond – Global Greentag 2020

Behind the scenes, NAV is committed to:

  • Sourcing and selling products that set high standards for environmental performance

  • Independently certifying those products to internationally recognised standards and ensuring they meet the requirements of green building rating systems

  • Abiding by Chain of Custody and due diligence systems in compliance with Ecolabel standards for wood products

  • Working with local and international manufacturers to develop industry-leading interior surfaces that offer customers a sustainable choice

  • Striving to innovate our existing and new product ranges for sustainable gains

  • Supplying surface products on low formaldehyde substrates

  • Supplying a selection of products that are fully recyclable (break down to carbon dioxide and water when disposed)