Compact laminate

What is Compact Laminate?

Compact laminate is a specialty substrate that consist of multiple layers of resin impregnated craft papers incorporating a black dye to give it the detailed black edge. It is then compressed creating the strong, hardwearing, and durable substrate.

What is our Compact Laminate made up of?

Mixture of the below ingredients:

Chemical Name CAS No. Content %
Melamine Resin 9003-08-1 8%
Decorative Paper 8%
Phenolic Resin 9003-35-4 42%
Kraft Paper 42%

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What is Navcompact™?

Navcompact™ is a unique fusion between premium 13mm compact laminate with revolutionary UV surface technology. Impervious to water and providing outstanding scratch resistance, Navcompact™ delivers unprecedented design possibilities for commercial applications. As a pre-finished product, it’s ready for immediate fabrication. Combine Navcompact™ with Navurban Diamond™embossed, low gloss finish in over 27 decors with a contemporary black core.

navurban sherwood

What is the Navurban DiamondTM finish on the compact laminate?

Navurban Diamond is a premium decorative non-PVC surface with advanced embossing and texture capabilities known as Olefin Film. A topcoat of resin is applied and cured to the decorative surface using UV light.


NavcompactTM compact laminate is supplied as per the below specifications:

Property Characteristic
Panel Dimension 2745 x 1220mm
Thickness 13mm
Finish Matt
Decorated Double Sided (G2S)
Core Black


Features of the compact laminate range NavcompactTM

  • Supplied pre-finished and ready to fabricate.
  • Consistency of colour and grain over entire range
  • Luxury, durable finishes
  • Durable substrate core to suit high traffic areas.
  • Provides a solution to Alfresco and semi-exposed applications.
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant properties.
  • Impervious to ware and stains
  • High levels of ultra-violet (UV) resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Bacterial resistance
  • Vast décor selection to choose from


  • End of Trip Facilities
  • Toilet Cubicles & partitions
  • Shower partitions.
  • Office worktops
  • Furniture
  • Lockers
  • Bench seating.
  • Semi-exposed Alfresco areas

Is the NavcompactTM Compact Laminate suitable for outdoors?

Our NavcompactTMrange is also suitable for semi exposed areas and is the ideal product for Alfresco applications and projects.

Can you use compact laminate in a horizontal and vertical application?

Compact laminate is suitable both horizontal and vertical applications due to its advanced technology and resistant to high wear.

NavcompactTMcan be used both horizontal and vertical, if wanting to achieve a horizontal two-piece dividing panel with anadjacent vertical grain frontal panel, your divisionsthere will be a discrete horizontal join.

Colours available

The below colours are available in our NavcompactTM range pressed onto the 13mm thick compact laminate core:

Navurban decors available in the UV Diamond finish:

  • Birchgrove
  • Albany Oak
  • Classic American Oak
  • Blackened American Oak
  • Balmoral
  • The Oaks
  • Clifton Hill
  • Toorak
  • Tablelands
  • Yarra Walnut
  • Byron Blackbutt

Navurban Diamond decors:

  • Vanilla Bean
  • Cremorne
  • Brunswick Oak
  • White Mountain Oak
  • Kensington Ash
  • Frenchman’s Oak
  • Gum Flat
  • Box Wood
  • Chippendale Teak
  • Nutgrove
  • Bundaberg Gum
  • Collingwood
  • Black Mountain

Navurban Elements decors:

  • Oyster
  • Abstract Bronze
  • Titanium

Partition Privacy

Due to the large compact laminate sheet base, NavcompactTM provides the flexibility to have adjoining and separating doors at an increased size. This gives more opportunities to create numerous fabrications to achieve full privacy and no gaps between partitions.


NavcompactTMsurfaces are easy to clean using a cloth dampenedwith warm water and detergent. If in doubt about a particular cleaneror detergent, check with its manufacturer for the suitability. Werecommend you test on a small area or sample prior to applying to thesurface. Avoid the use of acetone or trichloroethylene for cleaningpurposes. Use of abrasive cleaners, powders, scouring pads, steelwool, sandpaper etc. can damage the finish and make the surfacesusceptible to staining. Accidental spills or splatters from these harshmaterials should be wiped off immediately, and the area cleanedthoroughly with a damp cloth. Examples of these materials are:Ceramic cooktop cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, chlorine bleach,oven cleaners, and harsh detergents.

Certifications& Testing:

Fire Testing to clauses 4.3 and 7 AS 5637.1-2015

  • Group Number: 3
  • Average Specific Extinction Area: 24.32m2 / kg

VOC Testing ASTM D5116 “Standard Guide for Small-Scale Environmental Chamber Determinations of Organic Emissions from Indoor Material/Products”.

  • Total Volatile Organic Compound Emission Rate: 0.085 mg/m2/hr
  • Formaldehyde Emission Rate<0.003 mg/m2/hr

Global GreenTag- GreenRate

  • GreenRate Level B

Global GreenTag International – Product Health Declaration

  • Platinum Health


Proudly made in Australia the NavcompactTM range is manufactured with our local Sydney warehouse to ensure the highest quality whilst laying the compact laminate substrate with the embossed film finish. NavcompactTM is made-to-order with a lead time of 10 working days plus despatch. There is no minimum order required to order NavcompactTM, orders can be adjusted to the quantity require to the project.


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