Laminate Sheets

Laminate Sheets

The Timber Alternative - NAVURBANTM & NAVURBAN DiamondTM

NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTM is a contemporary take on decorative surfaces, offering a striking collection of environmentally preferable designs that feature the innovative surface technologies from Japan.

The unique finish of NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTM delivers a 3D embossed surface texture with advanced performance characteristics. The embossing creates a tactile surface in a range of effects, including finely textured woodgrains and smooth finishes.

Difference between Laminate & PP NON-PVC Film

NavurbanTM is a contemporary take on designer surfaces, offering a striking collection of decorative finishes that feature the innovative surface technologies from Japan. The unique finish of NavurbanTM delivers a 3D embossed surface texture with advanced performance characteristics. The structure consists of a NON-PVC base film, printed layer of colour & grain, then laid with a transparent non-PVC layer and finished with a top coating. With this film structure, we can ensure resistance against scratching, abrasions, and staining.


  • Extensive range available across our NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTM ranges to suit all project designs.
  • The non-PVC timber finish is supplied pre-finished, ready to fabricate and doesn’t require any further treatment or coatings.
  • With the products being a man-made alternative to real timbers, we can offer colour and grain consistency across every sheet and batch.
  • Our sheets have matching ABS edging available to ensure to best finish can be achieved.
  • The non-PVC PP film offers substantial resistance from scratch and abrasions compared to thinner laminate products.
  • NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTMfinishes have been tested for up to 2000 hours of UV exposure, therefore demonstrates high level UV resistance.
  • Adhered to the substrate using low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) crosslinking water-based EVA glue.
  • Fire testing has been conducted achieving a Group 2 on FR MDF substrate and Group 3 on a MR MDF substrate.
  • GreenTagCert™ GreenRate Level B Certification (under Scheme B4)
  • Supplied on low formaldehyde substrates.


  • Large commercial areas (i.e. reception areas, walls, doors, storage joinery)
  • Offices (i.e. Reception areas, boardroom tables, workstations, desks and storage units, restrooms) – Please refer to our Specification Data, Availability & Pricing for suitable colours.
  • Home Joinery (i.e. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, media units, shelving, dining & coffee tables, home offices
  • Furniture
  • Feature wall panelling
  • Acoustic panelling
  • Doors

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NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTMLaminate Option

NAVURBANTM Laminate and NAVURBAN DiamondTM Laminate has been produced as a solution for fixed curved applications only– applications outside of this scope will not be considered fit for purpose and will therefore void the warranty.

This laminate product is suitable for the below applications:

  • Fixed Curved Joinery
  • Fixed Curved Wall Panels
  • Curved Drum Ends

Maintenance of the finish on NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTMboards & laminate.

NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTM surfaces are easy to clean using a cloth dampened with warm water and detergent. If in doubt about a particular cleaner or detergent, check with its manufacturer for the suitability. We recommend you test on a small area or sample prior to applying to the surface. Avoid the use of acetone or trichloroethylene for cleaning purposes. Use of abrasive cleaners, powders, scouring pads, steel wool, sandpaper etc. can damage the finish and make the surface susceptible to staining. Accidental spills or splatters from these harsh materials should be wiped off immediately, and the area cleaned thoroughly with a damp cloth. Examples of these materials are: Ceramic cooktop cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, chlorine bleach, oven cleaners, and harsh detergents.

Light Tones

NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTM offer a vast variety of light toned woodgrain to add warmth and beauty within a project space. Light toned decors vary from white, yellow, pink or grey undertones to complement surrounding environments.

NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTMlight tones include the below:

  • Navurban Albany Oak
  • Navurban Ashwood
  • NavurbanAuchen Flower
  • Navurban Balmoral
  • Navurban Birch
  • Navurban Earlwood
  • Navurban Hoop Pine Ridge
  • Navurban Norwood
  • Navurban Oak Beach
  • Navurban Oakwood
  • Navurban Scarborough
  • Navurban The Oaks
  • Navurban Diamond Brunswick Oak
  • Navurban Diamond Cremorne
  • Navurban Diamond Kensington Ash
  • Navurban Diamond Vanilla Bean
  • Navurban Diamond White Mountain Oak

Medium Tones

Our medium tones available in the NAVURBANTM and NAVURBAN DiamondTM ranges, are diverse to offer both warm and cool toned decors to suit:

  • Navurban Birchgrove
  • Navurban Byron Blackbutt
  • Navurban Casuarina
  • Navurban Clifton Hill
  • Navurban Classic American Oak
  • Navurban Coolum Spotted Gum
  • Navurban Fremantle
  • Navurban Grey Gum
  • Navurban Hollywood
  • Navurban Sherwood
  • Navurban Tablelands
  • Navurban Toorak
  • Navurban Winslow Ash
  • Navurban Yarra Walnut
  • Navurban Diamond Box Wood
  • Navurban Diamond Chippendale Teak
  • Navurban DiamondFrenchmans Oak
  • Navurban Diamond Gum Flat

Dark Tones

As trends evolve between light and dark palettes, alongside our light and medium tones we have extensive range into dark colours. Offering dark browns, greys and blacks to completed and balance a environment. Below are the darker décor selections from our ranges:

  • Navurban Ashgrove
  • Navurban Blackheath
  • Navurban Blackened American Oak
  • Navurban Eureka Ebony
  • Navurban Hamilton
  • Navurban Kew Walnut
  • Navurban Ravenswood
  • Navurban Windsor
  • Navurban Diamond Black Mountain
  • Navurban Diamond Bundaberg Gum
  • Navurban Diamond Collingwood
  • Navurban DiamondNutgrove

Made in Australia

Australian owned and operated since 1962, NAV is committed to innovating the way Australians design functional and beautiful spaces in the workplace and community, and in the home.Partnering with architects, interior designers and builders, NAV was founded on a premise of introducing the Australian building industry to technically advanced premium veneer surfaces, timber alternative surfaces to better the laminate industry. Today’s market is ever evolving and our ability to produce and offer realistic wood grain finishes to Australia’s architectural and interior design industry has driven me and the team at NAV to become a market leader in this area.


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