Timber Laminate

What is a Timber Laminate?

NAVLAM Sandblasted™ is a pre-finished timber veneer that combines the aesthetics of solid timber with the durability of laminate.Combining the warmth and textureof solid timber with the functionality,durability, and resilience of a laminatewith an acrylic polyurethane finish.

Technical Advantages of using our Timber Laminate range – Navlam Sandblasted™

  • NAVLAM SandblastedTM is a reconstructed veneer pre-finished to make a timber laminate base. Therefore, this product is supplied ready to fabricate and doesn’t require any further polishing.
  • As a reconstructed veneer, NAVLAM SandblastedTM deliversconsistency in woodgrain structure and tone across each panel.
  • The veneer surface is finished with high quality and scratch resistant 2-pac acrylic polyurethane finish and laid on a laminateback.
  • With the timber laminates, the pre-finish topcoat provides stain and water resistant.
  • NAVLAM SandblastedTM is available as a finished panel on yourE0 MR MDF substrate thickness of your choice, all décor colourshave matching ABS (non-PVC) edging, making fabrication andinstallation simple and cost effective.

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Timber Laminate
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Decors available in our Navlam Sandblasted™ Timber Laminate range

  • Brescia – Crown Quarter Cut
  • Italian Oak – Crown Quarter Cut
  • Lamora – Rift Quarter Cut
  • Pienza Oak – Crown
NAVLAM Sandblasted™


NAVLAM SandblastedTM comes ready for immediate fabrication orapplication. NAVLAM SandblastedTM is suitable for vertical installationsand light-use horizontal applications such as shelving.

However, the timber laminate it is not recommended for high wear horizontal surfacessuch as kitchen benchtops. The pre-finished surface contains a UVinhibitor to minimise discolouration caused by UV rays. To retain colourconsistency, NAVLAM SandblastedTM is not for use in areas withprolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Suitable applications:

  • Vertical installations and some low traffic horizontal applications (i.e. shelving)
  • Commercial areas (i.e. reception areas, staff rooms, board rooms, workstations, storage joinery)
  • Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry joinery
  • Furniture installation
  • Restrooms
  • Wall and ceilings linings

Cleaning & Maintenance

NAVLAM SandblastedTMtimber laminate surfaces are easy to clean. Simplyuse a cloth dampened with warm water and detergent. If indoubt about a particular cleaning product or detergent, checkwith the manufacturer for suitability. Avoid the following whencleaning, as these substances and materials could damagethe finish of the timber laminates and make the surface susceptible to staining:

  • Acetone or trichloroethylene
  • Abrasive cleaners, harsh detergents, and powders
  • Scouring pads, steel wool and sandpaper
  • Ceramic cooktop cleaners
  • Bathroom and tile cleaners
  • Oven cleaners
  • Chlorine bleach

Accidental spills or splatters of any harsh substance should be wiped off immediately and the area cleaned thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Natural Features within a reconstructed timber laminate

Although there is consistent colour in every individual batch, there will be slight colour variances between batches due to the natural materials used. A reconstructed veneer may display natural features such as pin knots, gum, and mild indentations.

Navlam Sandblasted™ Timber Laminate Exposure to Sunlight

NAVLAM SandblastedTM laminates are reconstructed from naturaltimbers and will react to direct and indirect sunlight. The pre-finishedsurface contains a UV inhibitor that offers some protection againstdiscolouration, but like all natural wood products, colour variationwill occur over time. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight may causetimber veneers to undergo sudden and irregular colour changes.

Storage & Handling Care for Navlam Sandblasted™ Timber Laminate

Store your Navlam Sandblasted™ panels in an area protectedfrom the elements to minimise rapid changes in temperature andhumidity. To avoid exposure to the elements, we recommend NavlamSandblasted™ sheets are stored in a suitable enclosed environmentprior to installation and kept covered, away from direct and indirectsunlight.

NAVLAM Sandblasted can be handled stocked and worked as a traditional HPL sheet. Some specific features of wood surfaces require particular care. Always carry NAVLAM Sandblasted sheets vertically. Handle full size sheets carefully to avoid breakage or injury. It is recommended that two people carry full size sheets.

Be careful in moving NAVLAM Sandblasted sheets so as not to strike them against anything which would damage the decorative surface or edges. Always lift NAVLAM Sandblasted sheet surface assembly from one point to another. Never slide the panel on its decorative surface. NAVLAM Sandblasted is supplied with a clear protective film. We recommend that you leave the film in place while working the sheet. Colour uniformity and quality checks should be carried out on the sheets before working commences. The protective film is clear enough that you may inspect the material without removing the film. When in doubt, peel the film around the suspect area.

Fabrication & Machinery recommend for timber laminates.

Panel saws or table saws may be used to cut NAVLAM before or after lamination. Routers for trimming edges after bonding must have a smooth, clean base plate, so that the surface of the veneer will not be scratched. Use carbide-tipped bits with ball bearing guide rolls. Keep all bits sharp. Drilling into NAVLAM may be done with standard wood bits or router bits. For a final edge finishing, use a flat smooth or fine file. You may consider applying a light or dark stain to the edge to hide the phenolic line.

Certifications & Testings on Navlam Sandblasted™ Timber Laminates

Emissions Test

  • Tested for organic emissions to ASTM D5116-2017.
  • Result: Total VOC emission rate: 0.052 mg/m2/hr
  • Formaldehyde Emission Rate: 0.045 mg/m2/hr

Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

Test to AS 1428.1 – Individual colour reports available upon request.

Fire Testing

Test to clauses 4.3 and 7 of AS 5637.1-2015.

  • Result: Group 3 number (in accordance with Specification A2.4 of the building code of Australia)
  • Result: Average specific extinction area 23.21m2/kg (refer to specification C1.10 section 4(b) of the building code of Australia)


Timbers selected for Navlam Sandblasted™ is sourcedfrom sustainably managed forests and poplar plantations. NavlamSandblasted™ is certified for PEFC Controlled Sources claim.

Resistance to Staining

Test to ASNZS 2924.2-1998 Clause 15

Navlam Sandblasted™ have been tested to a range of agents to determine the resistance to staining from common household items on the timber laminate surface. Results:

  • 100% Acetone = 5 no visible change
  • Black coffee = 5 no visible change
  • 25% Sodium Hydroxide = 5 no visible change
  • 30% Hydrogen Peroxide = 5 no visible change
  • Black Show Polish = 5 no visible change
  • 10% Cetric Acid = 5 no visible change
  • Spray & Wipe = 5 no visible change
  • Jif = 5 no visible change
  • Windex = 5 no visible change
  • Dettol Wipes = 5 no visible change


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